Pro Pitcher Performance Program: The academy fee of $275 per month affords two days of professional training with our staff per week. Moreover, in addition to the 2x per week of instructional training and development, academy members are also afforded unlimited access as space permits to train on their own inside the facility. The academy program includes personal pitching instruction, use of video analysis, modern technology to improve spin efficiency, along with the incorporation of strength trainers and physical therapy assessments and evaluations; all part of your membership fee. Click here to enroll:

Position Player Velocity Program: While the academy curriculum is focused on pitcher specific training modalities, our professional staff is available to work with position players on building their arm. Our 1-hour Velocity Program Bootcamp includes education; as well as hands on instruction and assessment of your position player for $100. We can help your position player make healthy velocity jumps!

Private Lessons (Mechanic) Lessons: $50 for one-half HR private lesson with an academy instructor who will help identify a repeatable delivery leading to a higher strike-to-ball ratio. Email us for more information:

Private Lessons (Off Speed): $50 for one-half HR private lesson with an academy instructor who will find the most suitable grip (s) and arm angle, to help generate favorable spin and movement for your change-up and/or breaking ball.

Small  Group Training: $70 to train two pitchers at the same time for one-half HR. (A full hour of training for a tandem lesson is $140 total. Email us for more information:

Strength Training: Our preferred training partner is Power Train Sports Institute (PTSI).  Their strength coaches are assigned to our academy sessions, however you can contact PTSI to establish your own personal plan as well @ .

Nutrition Consultants: The academy can arrange for athlete and athlete parents to sit with nutritional professionals to discuss your current nutritional habits. We will help you to identify the steps you can take to improve your nutritional intake and outline useful meal-preparation tips. Send text to 703-338-0901 & ask for your nutritional plan or Email us for more information:

Manual Therapy: Through Inova, our preferred therapist Seth Blee offers medical massage therapy with a special interest in recovery and decreasing pain. A variety of massage techniques are available to provide a customized approach to a player’s needs. In addition to massage, other specialized programs include dry needling to stimulate underlying neural, muscular and connective tissues; leading to improvement in movement impairments. Blee can also be contacted via phone @ 703-970-6490 to schedule personal consults.

College Recruiting Videos: Our preferred college video company is “Play In School” however if time is of the essence, our staff is fully equipped to build your ($125) professional video. Our staff is well versed on how to build videos which are deemed useful by college coaches; it requires foresight of appropriate filming angles and length of video among other factors. Email us for more information: